Drop Shipping Custom T-Shirts: A Viable Passive Income Strategy For Your Youtube Channel?

custom t-shirts for channel promotion

You may have learned that “Print on Demand” is a way of making passive money, and that’s real.

There’s never been a better time to start collecting print money on demand. 

After helping several retailers set up their print on demand shops, we know that this is an outstanding source of passive income for those with an audience, such as Bloggers, YouTubers, Podcasters, and existing companies. 

Print on demand is a marketing model that helps you to market your designs on merchandise (such as t-shirts, hoodies, jackets, sweatpants, etc.) directly to consumers.

When the payment is made by the client, the order is delivered to the distribution centers firm that prints and sends the order directly to the customer.

Dropshirt is where to get ‘Print-on-demand’ merch that is shipped directly to your customer. As a print-on-demand service you hold no stock. Order just one. As a ‘white label’ service. It even looks like you shipped it. Create an account here.

Youtube revenue and profits explained

youtube income

Many web applications think of YouTube as a spot to spend time viewing dumb clips or new music videos.

For others, it’s a way to post and share footage from festivals, newsworthy activities, or even family events with friends online. A limited party sees YouTube as a core part of its online revenue campaign.

Getting paid with YouTube is simple, but making a lot of money with the website can be a struggle. Here’s how YouTube Ad Sales operates and how to actually make money on the website.

The first two steps in gaining YouTube online revenue are to open an account and switching on the monetization of the account. Enabling monetization includes accepting YouTube’s advertisement requirements and linking to the AdSense payment account. 

Allowing ads on your YouTube videos allows you to commit to Google’s share of YouTube’s ad revenue. There’s a 45/55 split among all content owners, meaning Google holds 45 percent among all YouTube ads on your posts, and you have the remaining 55 percent. Drop shipping custom t-shirts for your Youtube channel.

To gain money from a video, you need to first upload videos to your YouTube account. You can pre-create and modify your videos using editing software such as Adobe (ADBE) Premier or Apple (AAPL) iMovie, or you can import raw content from your phone or device and use the YouTube video editor. 

You need viewers to watch it until your video is online. Promote the posts on social networks, relatives and friends, blogs, Snapchat (YHOO), and every other media source. More views mean more money in the wallet.

Once you connect your AdSense account to your YouTube account, you will earn credit for the monthly sales of each film. Individuals and companies make millions of rends from YouTube ads, but there is a possibility of using a site operated by another corporation. 

Even though there is a possibility that a change in Google’s search engines could trigger or break video traffic, but Google also takes a substantial 45 percent cut in profits from video advertising.

Rise of ad blockers

Ad-blocker is a software application that blocks ads from being viewed or accessed, allowing website users to access content in an advertising-free environment.

It has been in use for years, but web marketers around the globe have been flipping out over these tech applications recently. Any news websites have gone as far as to suggest that ad blockers would herald the end of the Internet as we know it.

First, web viewers are unsure of how many ads their digital marketing experience is supporting. Audiences are generally ignorant of the role that advertising serves as a means of support for most of the free content available online. 

Frustration with ads in their present form is the main factor behind the current upswing in ad-blocker adoption rates worldwide. Connection to web content has gotten more and more difficult to navigate because of the number of ads that you now have to get through to.

The affiliate industry is gaining to provide a simple exchange of value with its data-light monitoring capabilities, typically offering product information, prices, ratings, or coupon codes or cashback with the intention of enticing the customer to buy.

Dropshirt is where to get ‘Print-on-demand’ merch that is shipped directly to your customer. As a print-on-demand service you hold no stock. Order just one. As a ‘white label’ service. It even looks like you shipped it. Create an account here.

Alternative funding sources for your YouTube channel and their problems

youtube creator

YouTube developers in the Company’s Affiliate Network can raise money in a number of ways through ads, rentals, gifts, live streaming features, and the revenue from YouTube Premium.

There are a number of reasons, and presently  YouTube is finally collecting all those numbers in one location and supplying developers with information in the form of a new crowdfunding tool called RPM.


Patreon is an American membership site that offers business opportunities to content owners to run a subscription program. It allows designers and authors to gain a monthly income by offering discounts and services to their subscribers. In addition to payment processing costs, Patreon charges a commission of 5 to 12 percent of the monthly profits of the developers.

Patreon is used by YouTube videographers, web-based authors, bloggers, podcasters, singers, adult content makers, and other groups of writers who frequently post online It allows writers to obtain take help from their followers or supporters, either on a long term basis or through pieces of art.

Patreon users are categorised by category of content, such as video/film, podcast, humour, comics, gaming, and education. These copyright owners have set up a website on the Patreon website where they can choose to pay a certain amount to the author on a weekly basis. 

Alternatively, content owners should customise their page to pay patrons each time the artist publishes a new work of art. Usually, the creator has a target that the continuing income can be geared towards, and will set an overall cap on how many it collects each month. Patrons can cancel their payments at any time. Creators typically have membership opportunities.

Patrons will unlock monetary third parties that enhance the type of content they see from the customer. Several of Patreon’s content developers are also YouTubers.

They will create items on various channels, and while YouTube videos will be revealed to the public, the supporters can receive personalised content made specifically for them in return for promoting the aim of the Online crowdfunding customer. Patreon supports a 5% contribution fee.

Subscribe Star

youtube make up channel creator

SubscribeStar is an independent member social network that operates on a subscription basis. Originators can develop their skills and abilities while making money.

We also provide our clients with the right tools to discover information, establish new connections, and to communicate with those who matter.

Subscribe Star helps the audience to explore new celebrity’s talents or to recognise the ones they already know. On the other hand, we encourage all Stars, established or starting to emerge, in areas that include and not limited to songwriting, literary criticism, art, dance, photography, acting, sports, business, media, finance, science, and so on. 

If you are a YouTuber, a celebrity or a performer, a teacher or a coach, a television host or a radio host, a gamer with a streaming experience, an entertainment venue or event organiser, a clerical organisation, or an individual preacher.

Live Streaming Superchats

Super Chat is a platform that helps you to turn the interest of your viewers into more money for your channel. Check out how it works and how to make it work.

Super Chat is a recent YouTube feature that enables users and video owners to connect on live streams. The aim is to make people buy Mega Chats to show messages during the live stream.

The sum donated by your fan will be seen along with a comment. In addition, the viewer should add an enticing coloured comment to draw YouTuber’s interest during live streams.

Dropshirt is where to get ‘Print-on-demand’ merch that is shipped directly to your customer. As a print-on-demand service you hold no stock. Order just one. As a ‘white label’ service. It even looks like you shipped it. Create an account here.

Why drop shipping t-shirts can provide a fantastic passive income source

channel promotion

There are many ways you can make passive income.

Common approaches include writing a blog, affiliate programs, writing books, designing software, offering online instruction, selling properties such as fonts, shapes, and portraits, or selling physical goods through websites such as eBay or through your own e-commerce site.

And that’s not to mention specifically harnessing your web design expertise for something other than a client’s task.

Some website development sites provide revenue-sharing relationship services that provide a variety of opportunities to gain passive income. For example, with drop delivery, you can make recurring sales by creating and selling theme t-shirts or sweaters, or simply by marketing online to the consumer.

Dropshirt is where to get ‘Print-on-demand’ merch that is shipped directly to your customer. As a print-on-demand service you hold no stock. Order just one. As a ‘white label’ service. It even looks like you shipped it. Create an account here.


You don’t need to be a world-class artist to get started with drop shipping custom t-shirts. Even text-based phrases are selling. You don’t need a fancy machine to render decent graphics.

Another feature of drop shipping custom t-shirts (or POD) providers is that they can perform the printing and shipment of items on your behalf. You don’t need to spend any money on printers or order any stock in advance. 

You can get started with Print on Demand as long as you have artistic ideas and can create simple artwork. It’s therefore quick for newcomers to get started. Show us what you’re doing and lets get started.

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