Wix (Developer) APP Integration Documentation

Dropshirt Wix (Developer) - App Integration Version 1.0.1

Welcome to the Dropshirt Wix Dashboard. The App offers a (!simple) solution for Wix users to connect their store to a t-shirt fulfilment centre at wholesale prices.

To use the application you will need the following.

1. An Account from our Production House - Apply for an account here

2. A Wix Store -   Create a  Wix store here

3. At least one Product added to your Wix store 

What the App can do

Dropshirt App connects your products to a production house. When your customer orders an enabled product, the order will show in our dashboard marked "Pending Customer Approval". The App then offers a simple - one click approval process and push to production line - all in one button.

What the App can not do

It will NOT build your website or start your online business. This App does NOT create products for you. You must create your own products. It simply connects your products to our production house for fast order placement.

Create a Developer App

Login with the Wix account at https://dev.wix.com/ and Click on My Apps

2. Click on Create New App

3. After creating App Click on OAuth (Left side menu)

4. Add below Link URL to the Redirect URL and App URL
Replace the <SecretKey> with your App Secret Key and <AppID> with your App ID Shown in OAuth Page

5. Click on Permissions(Left side menu)

Then grant permissions for orders and products

Click the "Edit Custom Fields" button to Add or Edit your custom print fields.

6. Goto Dashboard and Click on the "Test Your App"

7. Click On the Add To Site

8. Select the Store if you have Multiple wix store

9. Complete the Authentication Process.

10. All Done

How to use the Admin Dashboard with your Wix store

If you have already Registered for an account - Login Here

dashboard login screen