How To Create a Mock Up Product Image

​We have built a simple mock up generator, you can learn how it works here. We still recommend creating your own custom mock-ups at some point as your store develops. 

​In this tutorial we will show you how we do it in Photo​shop.

​We do this by combining a blank ​product image with your unique design to create a visual aid for your customers.

To start with, you should decide what the base product image should be. ​

For this example we are using an ASColour Staple tee.  We found this image ​on the AScolour website​.

TIP: If you click on one of the product colours, it will show you a flat product image. Just like the one we are using in this example below. 

If you want an original store - ​read this to find other good images.

Step 1 - Open your image in Photoshop or another brand of image software

Step 1 - open a base t-shirt image in photoshop

Step 2 -​Open the Design

Open your artwork file > Select All > Copy the image

Open you design into Photoshop

Step 3 - Paste in your design

  1. Paste your artwork file onto your product image
  2. Click Edit > Free Transform
  3. Use the "Free Transform" tool to reduce the art size to fit on your product
Paste you design onto you product image

Step 4 - Resize the art file

Re-size and position your artwork on the blank product until it looks how you are expecting

Position you artwork on the t-shirt

Step ​5 - Setting the Art Board

​The ASColour product image we used is a Medium. ​We know the​ chest measurement is 55cm. ​So at the full 35cm art board should leave about 10 cm each side. Under the arms. If you having trouble visualising this, ​use the rulers to indicate the position of the art board​. See the image below.

This is the guide to max image size

Step 6 - Print Size

How big is the actual print size? Read this for more ​info. So finally resize and position your design inside the art board. Don't worry if it not exactly, this is ​only a visual aid. The actual size you want the design printed should be correct in the art board that you upload as your art file.

choosing to use a pocket print

Further reference points

Below is a Large ASColour shirt with a ruler to help you judge where the art board might be positioned. Click to see full size.

F​inal Notes

​We suggest you do find a more original product image like the mock up images listed on this site. This will give your website a totally unique look. If everybody use these images, your site may not look so original.