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Why Do I Need an Account?

Creating an account is required for billing purposes and for the assignment of your API key to access our fulfillment center

What Does The Software Do?

Our software does 3 things

  • ​Control
  • ​Connect

3. Connects to our fulfilment centre - Our software connects your store to our print house and makes it easy to approve and place orders from your customers. (Once your products are set up, it's a one click order process.)

What The Software Does NOT Do?

Our software will NOT build your website or create your products for you. It works WITH your existing Shopping Cart Platform.

How Much Does It Cost?

Our pricing starts from $12.75 (exGST) for a white t-shirt printed on one side. See all our product pricing here

What Are The Artwork Requirements?

We only accept PNG files at print size. Use our canvas size template for best results. See Artwork Requirements here