Manual Ordering Documentation

Welcome to the Dropshirt Dashboard. A place to connect your products to our production house. By Adding an order you will be connecting directly to a human operator at a t-shirt printing workstation for end-point efficiency. Dropshirt offers a simple system to connect Australian web store owners to a t-shirt fulfilment centre at wholesale prices.

To use the application you will need the following.

1. A Customer Number from our Production House - Apply for an account here

2. An API Key from our Production House (supplied when you create an account)

3. As this is manual ordering - you need to understand our product pricing (See our product pricing here)
4. You will need to upload a mock-up image. Create your own or use our mock-up generator to create one first.

How to Use the Manual Order Page

If you've already registered - login here

dashboard login screen

How to Add a Manual Online Order

When you're logged into the dashboard, navigate to the ​Create Manual Order tab in the left column.

How to access the manual order form

**Please note: ​​If you don't have the manual form link please contact support and ask for the manual form to be activated.

Manula order form when blank

On the order form you'll see all of YOUR details​ to make it easy to send a sample to your billing address​.

​Change Delivery Details​

If you want to use another address other than your billing address. Click the "Use Different Delivery Address" and fill in the delivery details of the customer you want the order shipped to. 

manual order form add a different delivery address

​Adding Products​

If you don't have a mockup already, please create one first before you ​use the order form.  ​Click ​the "A​dd Product" Button to start.

Add a product to the manual form

​Fill in the form with your order details.

​​'Select' a mock-up f​rom ​your saved files or upload a file and 'Select'. Your file will be saved for later.

add a mockup to an order

​'Select' an artwork ​f​rom ​your saved files or upload a file and click 'Select'. Your file will be saved for later.

choose the print ready artwork for your order

​Add any ​extra print positions that are going on the shirt. ​Click the "​Add New Print(s)" ​to add another print position. ​

Note: ​The item price does not automatically update. ​You need to manually add the extra fee for that print position. Prices will vary depending on the size of the print. Also an​y extras you might have​​, such as Label Re-Branding or Swing ​Ticket​ application on each item should also be added.

When you​'ve finished your product - Click the "Submit" button. 

​Other Options Before you Finish

​Add another item to the order. (Repeat the process above)

Choose a different shipping method​. 

​Use th​e ​'Production ​Notes' field to add notes for our production team to read.

When you have finished adding your product(s) and comments - Click the blue "Place Order" button. Your order will then be sent to our production house.

You can view all your submitted orders and track their progress in the "​​​View Orders" Tab

​On the "​Invoice" page you can view your order details and make payment for the order. 

​On the "Order" page you​ can view all the details about an order.