Artwork Requirements

Here, at Dropshirt, we want to print the best possible job for your brand. This is why we ​need the best possible artwork file ​to get the best results.

If you're in hurry, the ​artwork ​requirements are : ​Create your file at "Print Size" at resolution 300dpi with a transparent background, then save as a trimmed (RGB mode)​ .png

The following is a guide to help you ​if you are not sure what to do.

Step 1. ​(Artwork) Your Design at Print Size

Do you have a final print size? Do you know how big to make your design? If not! Use this method ​to figure out how big you want your design to be printed. Resize your design to be that print size at a resolution of 300dpi.

Things to remember;

  • The maximum area we can print is ~​40cm wide X ~​60cm high (~​2400cm2)
  • Large prints (over 6​20cm2 (A4)) or at the maximum size do incur surcharges
  • Oversize prints are determined in square cm (width(cm) x height(cm))

Please note: Using a file that is lower in resolution than 300dpi is not allowed. ​If your file is lower in resolution, ​just changing it to 300dpi will not ​work. The result will be terrible and when you as​k us why it printed really badly... the answer will be "We can only print as good as the file we use. Terrible artwork will always produce a terrible print." If you're not sure, we always recommend getting a sample printed before shipping product to a customer.

Tips for saving files: 
- Photoshop ​will, in some cases, automatically save PNG files as 72 DPI. Please double check your files ​are in fact 300 dpi. Just open the file again and make sure it is really 300dpi before uploading to the dashboard.
-  Please avoid using special characters in your file names. Symbols like  "?", "#" "@" commas etc will cause the artwork file link to break. Dashes and underscores are OK.

Step 2. ​(Mock-up) Your Design Print ​Position

​Where you want your design printed on the​ product is super important. ​We do this with your mock-up. ​That is, we rely on ​the position of your design on the mock-up. ​​We aim to p​rint the design closest to where you ​have ​positioned it on the mock-up.

​1. Standard Position
If you want the "standard" position. This is centred horizontally, and at the top half of the art board ​​for a front and back print ​position. ​You can create your own mock-ups. Or use ou​r tool. ​As always, if you​'re not sure, place a test order and ask if we think this is a standard print.

2. Non Standard Position
If you want ​something other than the "standard" position​, you will need to create your own mock up templates​, as our mock up generat​or is limited to standard positions. ​Position your design ​in ​a place on the shirt ​where you want the design printed. This could be the left breast or right breast position. Or it could be down the bottom of the shirt. We also have a jumbo size ​print of ​~​40cmWx​60cmH that can be used
at an additional cost.

Notes: We can't print over seams​, hems, collars arms etc. If you are not sure place a test order and we will advise you.

If you have any questions regarding our artwork requirements. Please check our knowledge Base. If you have a question that is not answered, please submit your questions using the Support Ticket Form.