How to Create a Private APP with Shopify

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Before you can use the Dropshirt Shopify Dashboard you need to get an API Key and API password from Shopify. It's fairly easy and only takes a few minutes.

To get a API Key and password you need a Shopify store.

If you don't have a Shopify Account and Store URL Create a free Shopify account here

Login to Shopify 

In the Shopify Dashboard - Click on the "Apps" tab (shown below)

At the bottom of the apps page - Click on the "Manage private apps" link (shown below)

private link in apps dashboard

Again, on top of the page - on the right side - Click on the "Create Private App" tab (shown below)

Name your app (Dropshirt) and save it

After saving - Click on the title to view the apps details (See below)

On this page is your API Key and Password

Set the following permissions for the APP to "Read and Write" for these parts of the Admin API.

Shopify app permissions

We are only dealing with the Admin API, so leave the Storefront API unchecked.

leave storefornt api unchecked

Login to the Dropshirt Shopify Dashboard Login Here

dashboard login screen

Go to your Profile Page (located in the top right corner in the Dashboard) and enter your Shopify API Key and Shopify Password in the fields provided. You can't use the application without it.

How to add you private app detail to connect to dropshirt

For further information about using the Dashboard, continue reading the Shopify Dashboard Documentation here