Big Cartel APP Integration Documentation

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Dropshirt ​Big Cartel - App ​Integration Version 1.0.​1

Welcome to the Dropshirt ​Big Cartel Dashboard. ​​The ​Big Cartel App offers a​ simple solution for users to connect ​their store to a t-shirt fulfilment centre at wholesale prices.

To use the application you will need the following.

1. An ​Account from our Production House - Apply for an account here

2. A ​Big Cartel ​Store -   Create a free ​Big Cartel store here

​3. At least one Product added to your ​Big Cartel store - Read about adding products here

What the App can do

​Dropshirt App connects your products to a production house. When your customer orders an enabled product, the order will show ​in our dashboard marked "Pending Customer Approval". The App then ​offers a simple - one click approval process and push to production line - all in one button.

What the App can not do

It will NOT build you​r website or ​start your online business. This App does NOT create products for you. It simply connects your products to our production house.

How to use the Admin Dashboard with your ​Big Cartel store

​If you have already Registered for an account - Login Here

dashboard login screen

​​1. ​Connect your Store to Big Cartel

​Big Cartel makes this part really simple. Head on over to your Profile Page located in the top right corner, under your name.

dashboard screenshot where to find the profile page

Click on the link that says " Click here to install Drop Shirt " See Below.

how to install the dropshirt app in bigcartel

​This will send you over to Big Cartel to ​approve the Dro​pshirt app. Just login to your store. and follow the prompts. See details below.

login to your big cartel store

​After logging in, you will see a screen that asks if you want at allow Dropshirt to access certain parts of your store.

Click "Allow" to make your connection with the App.

approve the app connection in big cartel

​Shortly after that, you should be returned back to the dashboard to continue with your products.

Your profile page will show ​you​ are connected.

profile page shows your app is installed

2. ​Connect your stores ​Product data

​To see the products you have created in Big Cartel, click on the Products link in the left navigation column.

​On this page you can choose which products you want to "enable" for Drop shipping.

Click the "Add Drop Shipping" link on the product you want to Enable for Drop Shipping.

click to enable drop shipping on the big cartel product

​​On this page you can add all the additional information about your product​. We call them, custom print fields.

edit you custom print fields for product you want to enable for drop shipping

​Click the "Edit Custom Fields" button ​to Add or Edit your custom print fields.

add or edit your custom print fields

The App lets you control the print data associated with a product.

Tips: You can edit these Custom Print Fields at any time. The print data from these fields are used for every subsequent order. In the case that these details are updated. The new information will automatically be used on the next order.

Upload your artwork (?) You can add a print file for the front and the back positions in this section. Get the artwork requirements here.

Tell us the product style (?) Add the product code for the style you want us to print onto. Get the product style information here.

Add the Wholesale Price (?) You need to work out the wholesale price for this product including any extras like labelling, swing tickets or oversize print charges. Get the price information here.

That's it for the Products! Drop Shipping is now Enabled. Your brand new product is now connected to our print house. Ready for an order.