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Is Shopify a Viable Option In Australia?

Shopify In Australia

Unlike the days when Amazon made its first baby steps, starting an eCommerce business today, is so easy.

It also makes sense to have at least an online store for your business, especially if you already have a physical brick and mortar retail store.

Like everywhere else, the Australian market also witnessed a seismic shift toward eCommerce and digital payments.  According to market research, this shift helped many small companies compensate for their loss due to the pandemic.

Passive Income Ideas for Australians

passive income ideas

After the pandemic proved that job security is almost a myth, finding a passive income has become necessary for many Australians.

Most people are looking for a passive income channel to help them meet the ends if or when the traditional careers are at a standstill. 

However, randomly choosing an industry as the source for passive income does not work out. Instead, you have to think about your skillset, the viability of the income source, and the time you can give to the passive job.

T-Shirt Fabric: Beginners Guide To Types of Shirt Fibres

different t-shirts fabrics

There are various fabrics commonly used in making shirts.

As work environments become more casual, men and women both need T-shirts that can be worn in the work setting. T-shirts, of course, are the very definition of casual!

These give the most comfort and convenience to wear during casual occasions. In this guide, we will touch on the different fabrics for T-shirts.

Best T-Shirt Quotes

T-shirt quotes

T-shirts aren’t going out of style anytime soon. They’re still a staple in almost everyone’s wardrobe.

The right t-shirt can help take an outfit to the next level. So if you’re thinking about what kind of t-shirts to sell, then you’re exactly where you need to be right now.

Drop Shipping Custom T-Shirts: A Viable Passive Income Strategy For Your Youtube Channel?

custom t-shirts for channel promotion

You may have learned that “Print on Demand” is a way of making passive money, and that’s real.

There’s never been a better time to start collecting print money on demand. 

After helping several retailers set up their print on demand shops, we know that this is an outstanding source of passive income for those with an audience, such as Bloggers, YouTubers, Podcasters, and existing companies. 

Print on demand is a marketing model that helps you to market your designs on merchandise (such as t-shirts, hoodies, jackets, sweatpants, etc.) directly to consumers.

When Should You Consider Drop Shipping Merchandise For Your Website?

promotion merchendise for website

Since you don’t need to store or manage the things you’re delivering, you can start a dropshipping company with low funds.

An eCommerce site that runs a drop shipping model orders products that it sells from a third-party retailer or seller, who then fulfils the order.

This not only lowers running costs but also frees up the time to concentrate all your attention on the recruitment of consumers.

T-Shirt Designs And Copyright Laws: What Can You Sell Legally?

t shirts design and copyright laws

Copyright is all about securing the copyright law interests of the owner. In other words, only the owner has the moral right to copy and duplicate his own work.

No one may use the intellectual property of someone without the consent of the creator. Thus, the original author material has exclusive rights to use the work in some way under copyright law.

Considering that you’re going to open your own designer t-shirt shop. You should make sure that the patterns you’re selling particularly for creative t-shirts aren’t stolen from anywhere else.

Drop Shipping T-Shirts: A Viable Alternative To Patreon?

dropshipping t-shirts as a patreon alternative

Patreon has created a simple way of advertising products for a wide variety of contributors, YouTubers, authors, bloggers, musicians, comedians, and other artistic artists, which was historically impossible. 

Patreon’s conception of fundraising focused on ongoing contributions from patrons in exchange for exclusive content is ideally tailored to those who create art that people love, but who historically did not have the resources to pay for their work.

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