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Dropshirt Shopify - Private App Documentation Version 1.0.2

Welcome to the Dropshirt Shopify Dashboard. A place to connect your products to our production house. More importantly, the App connects directly to a human operator at a t-shirt printing workstation for end-point efficiency. Dropshirt's Shopify App offers a simple system to connect Australian Shopify users to a t-shirt fulfilment centre at wholesale prices.

To use the application you will need the following.

1. A Customer Number from our Production House - Apply for an account here

2. A Shopify Account and Store URL (EG: Create a free Shopify account here

3. Shopify Private App API Key and API Pass Key - Read about how to get an API key here

4. At least one Product added to your Shopify store. Read about adding products here

What the App can do

The Dropshirt Shopify App connects your products to our production house. When your customer orders a Dropshirt enabled product, the order will immediately show ​in our dashboard marked "Pending Customer Approval". The App then ​offers a simple - one click approval process and push to production line - all in one button.

What the App can not do

​It will NOT build you a website or an online business. This App does NOT create products for you. Nor will it run your business, walk your dog, or water your plants. It simply connects your Shopify products to our production house.

How to use the Admin Dashboard with your Shopify store

If you are already registered - Login here

dashboard login screen

Enter your Shopfy API Key and API Password

If you have not done so already. Go to your Profile Page located in the top right corner.  

how to find the profile page in shopify

​Enter your Shopify Credentials in th​e red section. (below) - You can't use the application without it. 

Read about how to get an API key here

How to add you private app detail to connect to dropshirt

Enter your ​Product search details in this Red section. (below)

How to set up product search details

Note:If you don't have many products, check "Show All Products". But if you have lots, it's best if you just view one ​product category at a time. Uncheck the ​"Show all ​Products" and enter the name of the category in the "Product Type" field. ​Sometimes Shopify's 3rd party API load times are really slow. Enable the products in that category. Then do another category. Once a product is ​"Enabled" you don't need to see it in the dashboard.

Add Products to your Shopify store

If you don't have any products in your Shopify store, you will need to add at least one product before using the APP​.

​​​The first thing you need ​is ​the image of ​​the product you plan to sell. ​We call it a mock up. This is made by combining your design with a picture of a t-shirt. It does not need to be fancy to start. Just enought to show what it might look like.

​Login to Shopify and create a new product​. It l​literally takes seconds. Name your product and upload the mockup as your product image​. Click to add some variants.

Important: When adding Variants to Products, you must add the SIZE variant first and the COLOUR variant second.  Read More Here

Read ALL About Adding Products to Shopify Here

If you already have products in your store (that you want us to drop ship) then you are ready to​ get started.

How do I see the products in my Shopify store?

Click on the Products Tab to see the products feed from Shopify.

You can control what is shown ​on this page in your Profile Page located in the top right corner. 

Shopify User Profile page

​Note: Choose to "Show All Products" or select a product category by entering the category name in the "Product Type" field. Then update your profile.

The Products page

Once your setting a​re complete​. Navigate to the Products ​tab. 

Check the product feed for your products

To 'Enable' one of your products for Drop Shipping. ​Simply click on the "Add Drop Shipping" link ​under the Action column to get started.

Create new custom fields in shopify

Click on the "Create Custom Print Fields" Button. If this process doesn't work, it's usually the permission in the Shopify private app setting do​n't allow for changes. Make sure we have the right permissions set.

Add some data to your custom fields

The 'Custom (Print) Fields' page is used to upload your print ready artwork files and store other data we need about your product. To Enable Drop shipping​, simply​ check '​Yes' and ​fill in the rest of the form fields.
- (Add the Sty​le name and/or item code number. Work our your product cost price. Don't use a $ ​symbol in the wholesale price field.)

Shopify product custom fields

​The App allows you to control the print data associated with your product. You can edit these Custom Print Fields at any time. The print data from these fields are used for every subsequent order. In the case that these details are updated. The new information will automatically be used on the next order.  

Upload your artwork. (?) You can add a print file for the front and the back positions in this section. Get the artwork requirements here.

Tell us the product style. (?) Add the information about the product you want us to print onto. Enter the style name and the associated wholesale price into the custom print fields. Get the product style and price information here.

That's it for the Products! Drop ​shipping is now 'Enabled'. Your brand new product is now connected to our print house. Ready for an order.

A product that is enable for dropshipping on dropshirt

The Orders Page

To see your Shopify orders, navigate to the Orders Tab on the right column. When a customer orders a drop shipping​ "Enabled" ​product from your Shopify store, your order will show up in this list. You can easily see at a glance the status of your order and which orders need your approval. Bolded items need ordering. Click the "​View Details' to place and approve a new order.

Order ready to approve on Shopify

When an order is Pending approval, Click on the "View (Order) Details" link. Look over your order and make sure it's all good. When you are satisfied it is OK, click the "Click To Order" button to instantly send your order details to the production line.

Place an order in the dropshirt dashboard

All your order status details are available on the Orders page​. If you want to see the order that was placed. All your orders and invoices are available under the 'Submitted' tab.

Sit back and relax, you​'re in good hands. Behind the scenes, we take care of all the order details for you. After we complete the order, we proceed to ship them directly to your customer.

When an order is shipped you will receive an email with the tracking information.

If you ​need ​additional information, please search in the knowledge-base​, where we add all customer questions​. If something is not available, please send a ticket to support.