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Dropshirt is an online t-shirt fulfilment system that connects our warehouse with your shopping cart.

We connect your store via our dashboard that lets you, connect your products, and lets you easily place orders for products that we drop ship.

Our team is constantly building on and improving our integrations with your favourite shopping carts system.

Wix is a popular online store builder, that lets website owners build their own website with it’s free built in tool kit. So we decided to look into it.

In our opinion it not the greatest option out there, but if you’re using it, we would still like to help you out.

UPDATE Feb 2020

The Wix API is now complete. This means we can move forward with our integration.

Thank you to all Wix users who commented and let us know it’s now available.

Well… the basic Wix API is no use to Wix eCommerce users. And the Wix eCommerce API is yet to be completed.

See here: Wix Code Upcoming Features  (See: eCommerce API’s)

What Does That Mean?

So, unfortunately for our current list of Wix users, we’re stuck.  Until Wix updates their API with access to product information and online order information, we are not able to connect with Wix at this time.

(UPDATE: We are now looking into this again. As the WIX E-commerce API seems to be ready. But it’s limited to just the Products data. So we can’t access Order data yet! So still waiting…)

What Can You Do Right Now!

1. We suggest contacting them
Start by making requests for one of their ‘coming soon’ features. Ask them: “When it is to be released?!”. “How long do you have to wait?”. Or Vote for it here

In the Meantime

  1. Sign up for an Account and tell us your Wix Store url
  2. When the integration is available, you will be among the first to know

Luckily, you can still order from us. We have a back up system, that connects just to our manual form.

It’s definitely not the same as our speeding ordering system associated with a full integration, but at least you get the great wholesale rate we offer.

If you have any questions about a Wix integration, just head over to the help desk where you can submit a support ticket.

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Dropshirt is an Australian based drop shipping company that specialises in t-shirt fulfilment. Our aim is to make ordering quality printed products for your customers simple and easy.