The Golden Circle of Service Perfection – Good – Cheap – Fast (Now Pick 2)

The rule of 2

Most of the time the finished product we deliver to our customer is of high quality, has quick turnaround production time and has a cost effective price attached.

However we do encourage all our customers to manage their expectations and understand that at Dropshirt we work incredibly hard to achieve a brilliant overall product and service 98% of the time. But occasionally, the end product might fall beneath what a client deems as perfection and that perfection is rarely attainable.

This is NOT mass production. It’s one off print-on-demand.

Managing that expectation means understanding The Golden Circle of Perfection theory. (Otherwise known as The Rule of Three) The Golden Ratio is a well established  principle of service economics which states basically the compromises required to achieve the highest quality, with the quickest turnaround at the best possible price.

In general terms the theory explains how it is completely possible to achieve 2 out of 3 of those elements consistently but the likely hood of the one element falling beneath the desired 100% metric.

A few examples of this for the garment trade might be where

  • A Good quality product at a good price, but not reaching the customer in a desired timeframe
  • a collar label has been removed but a small bit of thread remains visible from the seam line
  • two sided prints are not aligned front to back due to shifting on press
  • imperfections exist in the original garment construction – Dropshirt is not involved in garment production – acceptable to manufacture specs
  • Re branded labels not perfectly straight
  • Print Inconsistency resulting from the incompatibility of certain inks and fabric surface content

These kinds of things would not raise any concern for an experienced operator in the garment trade but might concern a new entrant to the space looking to execute every detail to the perfection usually associated with higher price items and slower production turnaround times.

The industry says: Good – Cheap – Fast –  Now Pick two

Customers who work with Dropshirt are likely to get all three a lot of the time – just manage your expectations to ensure your satisfaction.


Dropshirt is an Australian based drop shipping company that specialises in white label t-shirt fulfilment. Our aim is to make ordering quality printed products for your customers simple and easy. We are a veteran printing company of 30+ years trying to build a software product, not a technology company trying to print t-shirts.

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