Pure White Label Service for Drop Shipping T-Shirts That Are Printed on Demand

White Label drop shipping service

At Dropshirt we pride ourselves for being a pure white label service. Not only do you get a great wholesale rate on products that are printed when your customers order them, you also get a platform that makes ordering those product easy.

On top of all of that, we also make it look like you shipped the order as well.

What is a White Label Service?

White labelling is when the product supplier (Dropshirt) makes it look like the product was shipped by you (our customer), and the Third Party (your customer) has no idea that it was drop shipped at all.

To explain what White Label Service is, check out the article on Investopedia to get a better definitive explanation. In short form.

White label products are sold by retailers … when the manufacturer of an item uses the branding requested by the purchaser, instead of its own. The end product appears as though it has been produced by the purchaser.


The bottom line is “We Make It Look Like You Shipped It“.

White label also means we have no direct contact with your customer. We will never speak with or communicate in any way with your customer.

This is YOUR Business

We do not offer all aspects of running YOUR business. Just the order fulfilment part. We are here if you want to get a sample and when you have an order from your customer that needs to be shipped.

That’s it, the rest is up to you.

You are in charge of:

  • Creating products for your customers to buy
  • Getting customers to visit your platform
  • Providing a way to take customer payments
  • Handling the customer support questions
  • Handling of any returns that are NOT related to wrong or faulty products

This is how we handle returns

How Dropshirt Works?

Dropshirt is a t-shirt fulfilment service. On top of that we provide tools to help connect your shopping platform to our dashboard for one click order processing.

This service is free to all approved applicants. Check to see if we have already built an integration for your platform below. Otherwise you can place your orders the old fashioned way. Manually.

We have integrations for the following shopping cart platforms.

  • Woocommerce (WordPress Plugin)
  • Shopify (Private App setup)
  • Bigcartel (Instant Connect)
  • Weebly (Instant Connect)
  • Wix (Developer Private App Setup)
  • Magento (Module for Magento 1)
infographic about how this drop shipping thing work

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Dropshirt is an Australian based drop shipping company that specialises in white label t-shirt fulfilment. Our aim is to make ordering quality printed products for your customers simple and easy. We are a veteran printing company of 30+ years trying to build a software product, not a technology company trying to print t-shirts.