Connect Your Shopify Store Directly to our T-Shirt Fulfilment Centre

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Welcome to the home of the Dropshirt Shopify Dashboard. A place to connect your products to our production house. More importantly, our dashboard connects directly to a human operator at a t-shirt printing workstation for end-point efficiency.

Dropshirt offers a simple system to connect Australian Shopify users to a t-shirt fulfilment centre at wholesale prices. Find out how.


What do you need to start selling t-shirts?

1. You will need a Shopify store to sell your products - Create a Free Shopify Account Here

2. An Account with our Approved Production House - Create an account here

2. A Dropshirt Shopify Dashboard Username and Password - Comes with account approval

Connecting your Products

By using the Dropshirt Shopify Dashboard you are directly connecting your Shopify products to our fulfilment system. The APP requires you add a few hidden fields to your product so that our system can find this data when an order is submitted. Our printers then use this data to print your order.

We call these fields "Custom Print Fields".

Edit custom print fields

These fields contain additional information that your customers can't see and the data is only available to you via the APP. These fields include;

1. Is Drop shipping Enabled on this product? (We only process orders for enabled product)

2. Supply your Print Ready Artwork to use for printing. (Upload your designs in the APP)

3. Which product style are we using for this product. (Add your product info to the APP)

Once you enter the required print fields and your product is marked "Enabled" that's it.

Enabled product

Your product is now connected. Simple!

Now all you need is a customer to order your product.

Processing your Orders

To successfully print your order we need to pull all the data directly from your Shopify orders list.  The delivery address, product name, product image, size and colour, plus the custom print fields. This gives us all the information we need to produce your order.

The Dropshirt Shopify Dashboard will ONLY display orders for Enabled Products

Orders list

The APP shows you the progress of each order and if there are any pending orders waiting for your approval.

The APP Features a One-Click Approval and Place an Order button for super fast ordering.

Once an order is approved and pushed to the production line, you can keep track of the entire process, including delivery tracking information.

New Dropshirt Software

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Dropshirt is an Australian based drop shipping company that specialises in white label t-shirt fulfilment. Our aim is to make ordering quality printed products for your customers simple and easy. We are a veteran printing company of 30+ years trying to build a software product, not a technology company trying to print t-shirts.