15 Benefits of Drop Shipping T-Shirts

infographic about how this drop shipping thing work

We know that Drop shipping is an ordering  system where the wholesaler or drop shipper takes care of order fulfilment. So instead of purchasing and storing printed t-shirts, listing them for sale on your website, and then shipping them to your customer when they purchase.

You simply list your designs, and when they sell, you collect the money, and place the order.

What are the Benefits of Using our T-Shirt Fulfilment Service

1. Low Capital Investment: As you can see, the biggest advantages is the ability to sell t-shirts without a monetary investment. You actually pay the wholesaler with the customers’ money.


2. No Shipping Materials: You won't need to purchase packaging materials and shipping labels. Other random items like sticky tape, plastic bags, and t-shirt folding tools. Not to mention the room to do it all.

3. No Postage Accounts: You don't need a Australia Post  account or a lengthy wait at the post office. We take care of all of this for you.

4. No Inventory:  Not only do you avoid the expense of purchasing inventory, you do not need to store, manage, or insure it - if the product doesn’t sell, you never have to buy it from the supplier.

5. Zero Bad Design Risk: Using  a traditional retail model, purchasing the wrong stock is a huge risk. Imagine ordering 100 prints in a single design only to sell 20 of them. Or worse still none.

6. Instant profits: You only pay the wholesale rate and mark up the product as you see fit. You keep the difference between the retail price that your customers pay you and the wholesale price that you us.

7. More Focus: This system allows you to focus more on marketing instead of inventory management, this will lead to more sales, therefore more money.

8. Fast Market Timing:  In a fast pace world, market timing is key, Drop shipping allows you to test new product, concepts and market trends, with very low risk.

9. Testing a new Market: You can start a new business and test the market with very little risk!

10. More eCommerce outlets: You can set up an online store using well-known marketplace websites such as Shopify, Woocommerce and many more.

11. Developer Friendly: Are you a web developer? Did you develop your own store. No worries! You can take advantage of our easy to use Order API.

12. Massive Time savings: You can use different manufacturer product descriptions and images to build mock ups of your designs.

13. Easy To Place an Order: We have created many tools that allow you to submit your order easily after your customer has purchased from your store.

14. Order Tracking: Need to know the status of your order? Ship tracking code? No problem! Keep track of the order right through to delivery.

15. Sell T-shirts around your interests: Love Puppy dogs, fishing, photography, art, travel? With drop shipping, you can start an eCommerce store around your existing blog, favourite sport or hobby.

Starting a t-shirt business today is a low-risk and low-cost way forward. Take Action right now. Get Started Here.

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